Youth Global Leadership Summit

Who We Are

We’re a group of community leaders, engaged parents, and socially-conscious individuals who recognize the importance of youth leadership for the future of the human species. Youth leadership can be an immediate tangible difference, a powerful symbolic influence on the rest of society, and an incredibly effective asset in the long-term struggle for sustainability and prosperity. Like so many before us, we believe that positive change in today’s world requires local implementation within a global perspective. The smallest community groups and the biggest charitable organizations in the world alike understand the famous maxim: Think globally, act locally.


So, what makes us different? A few of us have business and marketing backgrounds, but when it comes to the endeavor of promoting and fostering youth leadership, we’re not sure there’s the same need for differentiation. Still, some kind of mission statement and general introduction is warranted.


We’re building this organization, in part, by resurrecting the old website of the now-defunct J8 Summit. Recent historical events—namely the annexation of Crimea and Russian aggression leading up to the suspension of Russia from the G8—which led to the disbandment of the J8 made a lasting impression on many of us who saw these turn of events as a pivoting point for the world and, in some ways, for our own families.


The Youth Global Leadership Summit is a kind of perpetual and virtual summit for youth leaders. We hope to help further the cause of creating the next generation of world leaders in whatever ways we can.