Teenager Makes $1M Using Snapchat

Katie Feeney was amazed when she learned that she made over $1 million on a popular social media platform that is known as Snapchat. She posted on the Spotlight feature, and a week later, she had earned over $200,000 from just the videos she had been uploading to the feature. At first, Feeney was skeptical, but she soon learned that others are also receiving a paycheck from this feature which is found on the social media platform. The more views that a video receives, the more money a user can make from Snapchat, with over $42 million going out to users in total.

Most people who monetize Snapchat, according to the app, make $250, which is paid out within a week. Katie Feeney began using TikTok, where she makes some money with her millions of followers, but she decided to try Snapchat to see what would happen and to gain new followers.

Feeney is still enrolled in school, but she is always brainstorming about new video ideas with new posts coming every day. In over five weeks, Feeney has made over $1 million from the social media platform alone, which still seems surreal to the teenager.

Katie Feeney does share that she does have her share of cyberbullies on her videos, but she has turned them out and loves most of her followers. Thankfully, Snapchat does not allow users to comment on the Spotlight videos, but it does allow users to message one another on the platform. This has allowed Feeney to develop relationships with her followers, which has really made her feel great about the opportunities she has been given. The money that Feeney has earned from Snapchat is going to help her pay for the college of her dreams and to maybe even go on a vacation.

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