Teen Creates Perfect Replication of MySpace

Myspace was an amazing thing in its time. It was one of the earliest social networks with over 100 million users per month between 2005 and 2008. It was surpassed by Facebook in 2008 because Facebook was more user-friendly. To some, the demise of Myspace was a loss particularly since its successors are less keen on privacy.

Recently an 18-year-old German student managed to produce a social media site very similar to Myspace. Known as SpaceHey The social media site aimed at a more private and overall friendlier experience than sites like Facebook. One of the concerns that lead to this recreation is about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; they can produce highly contentious discussions.

This Myspace recreation was assembled by using old pictures of Myspace with the intent of reproducing the look and feel of the old site. The new site has no algorithms like buttons or news feeds so that everything happens in real-time. Furthermore, privacy seems to be a main aspect of the site, making a site one that people concerned about privacy could easily flock to.

What makes this a particularly amazing accomplishment is that this was not a project produced by a large team of individuals or by people with a lot of money but a single teenage boy. This is amazing because he would have had to put in a lot of work to put a site like this together on his own. Despite this, he accomplished the task and put up the site.

The beauty of this accomplishment is that shows what can be done individual who does the needed research and puts in the time and effort to accomplish the task. SpaceHey has the potential to become a major place for people who do not like the direction the big and mainstream social media sites are going.

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