Irish Teen Wins Award for “Deepfake” Detector

Greg Tarr, a 17-year-old teenager from Ireland, was declared the winner in a national science contest after presenting a fake video detection project. This student from the County Cork won the 2021 BT Young Scientist and Technologist Award for developing technology that can easily detect manipulated videos posted online. These videos are so common because many people are using social media and consume digital news.

Manipulated videos, known as Deepfakes, have altered audios or pictures, which are a result of the intelligence demonstrated by machines. People use these videos to show that someone said or did something that they did not. For instance, before the U.S November 2020 election, people shared a fake video of the U.S president, Joe Biden. The video showed the president falling asleep when being interviewed on Television. The viral spread of this video, together with other videos raised a concern internationally. As a result, social media organizations have started to look for ways of dealing with the spread of such videos.

Although a few people understand how widespread fake videos are in social media, Tarr has not been left behind in detecting these videos. He has developed an advanced artificial intelligence technology to detect altered videos posted online. In an interview with Euronews, Tarr said that he has been working on this technology for around four years and the technology is fast when it comes to detection. He also added that his technology could detect a look at a lot of data.

During the interview, Terr also said that he is looking forward to presenting his fake video detection project in the Young Scientists European Union Contest. He added that he would be happy to represent his country in the contest by presenting this project or its improved version. He also said that he would later commercialize this project.

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