Young entrepreneur dreams of landing a unicorn


Plenty of young kids dream about unicorns and what it would be like to zoom around on a winged horse with a horn in the middle of their heads, but that isn’t quite the idea of a unicorn that James Ruffin has.


Just 20 years old, James has been dreaming about obtaining a unicorn for years and years now – but he doesn’t mean horse like Pegasus, and instead means a tech industry startup that eventually achieves a billion-dollar valuation.


This dream really crystallized for James in 2015 with an on-demand delivery service throughout his local Forsyth County. James has taught himself how to program and how to code, starting the website and the business completely from scratch – all while he was still a teenager!


Actually though, this business wasn’t James’s first introduction into the world of entrepreneurial endeavors. When he was 14 years old he had his own landscaping company with 30-year-old men cutting the grass for him, and also driving him from jobsite to jobsite because he was still two years away from getting his license!


Incredibly ambitious, the company that James has established has already partnered with another major competitor in the area and have plans to expand rapidly in the next two years.


James has a dream of retiring by the age of 27 with that unicorn in his back pocket. And if past success is any indication of future potential, he’s likely well on his way to doing exactly that!


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