Voices of Youth

Established in 1995 by UNICEF as a challenge to young people around the world, a call to action to generate the kind of global change they wanted to see by starting in their local communities, Voices of Youth has become one of the most influential communities of young people all over the world driving change forward.


Not at all content to sit back and rest on their laurels, this community outreach program is a predominantly online platform but also provides the tools necessary to generate major change at the local level and support youth leaders across the planet with their unique endeavors.


Encouraging young people to write, film, and communicate with other young leaders across all borders, shining light on topics and issues that may not have garnered as loud a voice through more mainstream methods, the Voices of Youth program provides effortless tools to publish these creations in a community that is built on the back of collaboration.


The outreach forum on this website is the hub of the Voices of Youth platform and the real foundation of this organization. Hundreds of thousands of young people contribute to this site and this community on a regular basis, with more and more adding their voice to the conversation every day.

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